Abode Services

Finding Opportunity in Change

Abode ServicesA name change can seem risky, especially if you have invested 20 years in establishing credibility and name recognition. But Tri-City Homeless Coalition had simply outgrown its name: expanded beyond the tri-cities, enlarged its mission, and changed its structure. It chose the name Abode Services, which was a much better fit, but now the challenge was to introduce it in a way that built awareness of the new identity while preserving the respect and goodwill the agency had worked so hard to attain. It was also important to keep the costs contained.

Abode retained Well Chosen Words to design the rollout of the new name. The plan spelled out key messages, a sequence of steps leading up to the name introduction, a ceremonious “reveal,” and a year’s worth of follow-up activities to reinforce awareness. It emphasized effective, low-cost tactics and leveraged the energies of the agency’s devoted volunteer base. As a result, Abode is taking advantage of a yearlong opening to call attention to its compassion, competence, and value to the communities it serves.