3A Pet Sitting

Communicating Value

3A Pet SittingA lifelong pet owner, Justine Schroeder started 3A Pet Sitting out of concern for animals and a desire to provide superior in-home pet care that is licensed, bonded, insured, and effortless for the client to book. She had already put together a Web site, a brochure, and various collateral materials to promote her service to prospective clients. Now she wanted to stimulate referrals from travel agents and realtors.

The first thing we did was define the value that a referral to 3A Pet Sitting would bring to each travel agent and realtor. We wrote letters that spelled out the benefits and then offered a face-to-face consultation to discuss the possibilities.

The campaign was a “howling” success. Today, realtors and travel agents are able to offer their own customers an added and valuable service, and 3A Pet Sitting is enjoying a steady stream of referrals.